Smart home accessories

Now that you have solar panels on your home,
what’s next in smart home technology?

EV Chargers


Energy Management Systems

EcoMark Solar can help you even beyond solar…

What are you worried about when the power goes out? EcoMark Solar has several battery solutions to address power outages.

Do you already have an electric car and need a quick-charge station? We have those too.

Do you have a utility that charges different rates depending on the time of day or your usage? We have smart home tech solutions and energy management systems that we couple with solar to make you feel like you are your own power company!

Sound good? Let us show you the latest in solar home accessories!

Services We Provide

Electric Vehicle Chargers

In-Home Battery Solutions

Smart Home Technology and Energy Management

Electrical Vehicle Chargers

So the electricity your solar panels provide for your home is free now, but what about your car? Wouldn’t you love to “Run Your Car on the Sun” as well?  If you have solar, the next most logical thing for you to buy is an electric vehicle, and with it a high-efficiency EV Charger. EcoMark Solar has 3 styles of EV Chargers to choose from depending on the make and model of your electric car.

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and let’s get your car running on sunshine!

Solar / Battery Solutions

Would you like to make power outages a thing of the past?

Would you like to live more ‘grid independent’?

Ask yourself, “What am I worried about if the power goes out?”

Is it just the food in your refrigerator? Is it a life or death situation because a loved one is on oxygen? Do you have a well and need power to keep the water running in your home?

Now we have the technology to make power outages a thing of the past!

From electric generators to whole-home battery solutions, EcoMark Solar has the battery that can handle your situation.

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Smart Home Technology and Energy Management

Electric companies these days are creating new and creative ways to charge people for their energy to attempt to ease the burdens on the power grid. Some of these include  “Load Factoring”, “Time of Use” and “Tiered” billing. If you’re not already familiar with these terms, but live on the Front Range of Colorado, your utility will likely be introducing you to them in the coming years.

Smart home technology combined with in-home batteries empower homeowners to determine where and when they order up their power to get the most efficient and cost-effective combination for their homes. Even without the benefits of solar on your roof, you could ease your power costs by using these new technologies.

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Our solar system is turned on and we are so excited about what we are going to save on electricity!  I’m typically a hard sell, but I’ve been very pleased with every step of the process.

M. Thiessen
Denver, CO

From start to finish, every person we worked with associated with Ecomark Solar were absolutely wonderful as far as being proficient, friendly and professional! Highly recommend to all.


Centennial, CO

We have been very pleased with the cost feasibility; the whole setup and get running process was pretty smooth and efficient. Can’t wait for my electric bills to go down to almost nothing!

Janet S.

“Professional, knowledgeable and capable, yet comfortably informal to work with, from the first person who came to my door to the last person who gave me instructions on how to monitor my system and its production on the web. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that, finally, solar power is now cheaper to have than NOT to have; like the difference between buying a house and renting. Never any pressure from these folks, only good options and better options. I feel very fortunate to have encountered them. When was the last time you were actually better off because of a door-to-door salesman?!”

Colorado Springs

This is my 3rd solar system and by far EcoMark Solar provided great install and top notch consumer service. Their electrician was very keen on providing the install exactly the way I specified it, their customer service is very responsive and takes care of business. This was by far the easiest experience out of my three solar systems installed. … EcoMark Solar will be my next system installer for sure.

Maciej Gesikowski
Westminster, CO

Everyone at EcoMark Solar was very knowledgable and gave us a great understanding of how beneficial having a solar system is for us!

Wendy Warner
Aurora, CO

We wish to sing praises to EcoMark Solar! I postponed writing this review, just to be certain everything remained as promised. From the initial contact with Jennifer and her professional, passionate presentation to the completion of our project, we strongly recommend EcoMark Solar. The process was more complicated than we ever imagined with all of the approvals necessary. We were given a timeline of completion upfront, and our system was completed and working ahead of that estimate! Michael was on top of our project and kept us updated every step of the way. The crew that came out to install the panels were pros, very respectful and a joy to have on our property. We had a glitch with the online reading and Evan responded and corrected the problem in a timely manner. The system has been running since October 2, 2018, and we are more than pleased with our results. Yesterday, we had a flaming blizzard, four of the panels were suffocated with snow, but the remainder of the panels were still producing even with the nasty conditions. We have a 25 year warranty on our panels. Bravo EcoMark!

Elizabeth, CO

Working with Ecomark was a fantastic experience from top to bottom. They were prompt, helpful, and their product made going solar a no-brainer. I would recommend them to anyone!

Karl H.

I’m looking forward to a lasting positive experience with EcoMark. While things did not always go exactly as scheduled (and is there ever such a thing with a project like this?), I was extremely impressed with the level of communication from EcoMark. They reached out to me in a timely fashion and gave clear explanations regarding any delays. There are a lot of steps in this process with different people from EcoMark involved in each one, and in each case, the EcoMark folks conducted themselves professionally and reliably. The panels aren’t active yet because we’re waiting on Xcel to get us the new meter, but even still, EcoMark is updating us on that progress. I anticipate this level of customer care to continue once our system is up and running, and I’m looking forward to a lasting positive experience with EcoMark.


I am very happy with the installation process. Everyone was professional, helpful and friendly. They also kept me informed as they proceeded with the installation.


After living in my home for three years and interest rates being so low I thought now would be a good time to refinance. After the appraiser took a look at my new furnace, AC unit, hot water heater and solar panels, I was given the full market value for all of those energy efficiency upgrades included in the refinance. The process was easy, I was able to pay off two high interest credit cards, along with the solar I installed in 2016 and now I’m saving close to $650 a month.


I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation. I had my solar system for two years and I could not be more pleased with my purchase.

Robin Maestas
Aurora, CO

The whole process went as smoothly – as they promised – even when another solar company said we weren’t a good candidate for solar!

Aurora, CO
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