Local Solar Company Sponsors Contest to Reduce Vampire Energy

January 2, 2018 | Press Releases
Vampire energy strikes all year round

Vampire energy doesn’t just happen at Halloween

Colorado’s own EcoMark Solar is reaching out to school children to help them help their parents reduce their energy bills. This time the answer to lower bills isn’t on the rooftop, but  inside their house. The children will be taught how to recognize and alert their parents about Vampire Energy when they see it.

Vampire Energy is energy that is being used by an appliance in low-power mode. Even though the appliance is not in use or ‘appears’ to be off, it could still be drawing energy. Just like a leaking faucet will drive up a water bill, Vampire Energy is estimated to be approximately 20% of everyone’s electricity bill.

A video of a break-dancing vampire named Count Kilowatt being stalked by an Energy Vampire Hunter named Voltage Van Housing will show children how easy it is to recognize Vampire Energy. Then two of EcoMark Solar’s community outreach staff will demonstrate how to identify the culprit and alert their parents about the Vampire Energy lurking in their own homes.

“Over the course of its life, a microwave will use more power just telling you what time it is than it ever will cooking food,” says Jake DiRe VP of EcoMark Solar. “Even though we sell solar panels that will power this Vampire Energy without prejudice, we work to make houses more efficient from the inside as well. When the power coming into a house is being used more effectively, everybody wins.”

Once the school children are educated about Vampire Energy, they will be sent home to share with their parents 10 ideas on how to reduce the problem in their own homes. These ideas can be found at http://new.ecomarksolar.com/ideas.  After one month of working to reduce the Vampire Energy in their own homes, the parents will enter the kilowatt hours from the bill before the energy awareness began and from the bill after. The  child who help saved the most on the parent’s bill will choose between one of five exciting outings – compliments of EcoMark Solar.

EcoMark Solar is an award-winning, Colorado-based solar panel installer that has served the front range since 2010. EcoMark Solar’s mission is to help Coloradans achieve energy independence, financial independence and a more sustainable lifestyle through solar power.