EcoMark Solar breaks records in 2017 – looks forward to a great 2018

February 12, 2018 | Articles

Last year (2017) was a banner year for EcoMark Solar and its employees. EcoMark Solar experienced record sales, and The EcoMark Foundation was able to make a huge impact to its Colorado neighbors. EcoMark Solar was founded in 2010 by two Eco-Realtors and in just 7 years, has grown to over 120 employees operating all across the Front Range of Colorado.

EcoMark Solar passed 1000 installations mid-July of 2017, and sold and installed at record pace for the remainder of the year surpassing 2016 volume. EcoMark Solar was also nationally recognized for our installation volume in Colorado – only being surpassed by commercial installers for the total number of kilowatts installed, making EcoMark Solar the #1 residential installer in Colorado on existing homes!

Each of the installations average 5.8 kW, and in a single year, each of those homes saves over 6 tons of carbon dioxide waste. “Every solar house matters,” Jake DiRe, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, explains. “Each individual house saves tons of air pollution particulates from being released here in Colorado. That matters to each of our employees and their families.”

EcoMark Solar giving back to the community.At the end of 2017, EcoMark Solar was able to give back to its employees in the first-ever profit sharing bonus. And in turn, the employees gave back to four worthwhile charities in the form of a canned food drive, and cash donations to MaxFund (a no-kill pet shelter), Energy Outreach of Colorado, and Children’s Hospital. “Giving back to our Colorado neighbors is one of the core values our employees aspire to,” DiRe says with pride.

When asked why he thinks there is so much momentum behind the solar industry right now, DiRe answers, “The cost of living keeps going up in Colorado – and the utilities keep raising their prices. The solar tariff just got passed and the tax credit only has a few more years with us. All of these situations, coupled with homeowners that want to stabilize their monthly electric bills, are combining to make solar the most cost-effective and logical choice for many. 2018 is going to be a banner year again for EcoMark Solar!”

DiRe attributes EcoMark Solar’s success to its employees and to the fact that EcoMark is a Colorado-based company. “We are not just someone from out of state who set up shop for the time being and will ultimately leave again. It’s not enough just to know solar, you have to know ‘Colorado Solar’. That means we understand how solar works with the altitude, the wildlife and the temperature extremes. Our designers know each utility and county and their specific ordinances, making our proposals accurate and precise. We are also politically active and are working to keep Colorado laws solar-friendly. And we’ll still be here with our roofing and insurance division when there’s another impressive hail storm to contend with. The one thing our customers keep telling us is not just how professional our process is, but how easy we are to work with and how much they learned about their own energy practices along the way.”

EcoMark Solar is an award-winning, Colorado-based solar panel installer that has served the front range since 2010. EcoMark Solar’s mission is to help Coloradans achieve energy independence, financial independence and a more sustainable lifestyle through solar power. To find out more, visit or call 720.432.6411.