Committing to Recycling

January 22, 2020

EcoMark Solar is leading the way for corporate sustainability by committing to recycling solar panels and planting trees to combat their carbon footprint.

As we continue to see a world where Solar is the cheapest source of energy, companies like EcoMark Solar are building a corporate strategy based on sustainability and forward planning.

Across the board most all solar panels being manufactured today have a 25 year warranty for performance and production, but what happens when those 25 years are up? Solar panel recycling is an issue that will be faced in the coming years and as of now, there is no clear solution for the influx of used panels that will outlive their lifespan. EcoMark Solar is committing to recycling by getting in front of this problem by pairing with solar waste disposal organizations and actively engaging in moving to a Zero impact carbon footprint.

According to EnergySage, “as solar panel manufacturing becomes more efficient, its carbon footprint shrinks significantly: a 2016 study reports that the overall emissions produced in this process decreased by 17 to 24 percent every time install capacity has doubled in the last 40 years.”

Until solar manufacturing becomes carbon neutral, EcoMark Solar is creating policies that will work to offset their total carbon footprint. Right now there is no regulation for recycling panels in the US. This means leaders like EcoMark and other industry partners are stepping up to address it. In an article breaking down the timeline, SolarPower World states that time is running out and the industry only has 15 years before solar panel recycling becomes a major issue.

“Living in one of the most beautiful places on Earth, we understand our commitment goes further than creating the best renewable energy solutions for our neighbors,” says CEO Jake DiRe. “We started really thinking about this last year and started the process by donating to Plant It 2020 which resulted in 1500 trees being planted along the I-70 corridor.”

Helping EcoMark's Commitment to Recycling

This year they have planned a tree-planting volunteer day which will equal a $5,000 donation and a 50 person team to get their hands dirty to help out. They also have new partnership with We Recycle Solar to send damaged panels and modules to from recent hail storms, and have started working on a full calculation of their corporate carbon footprint in order to find more ways to work toward carbon neutrality for the life of a Solar panel they install.

Helping EcoMark's Commitment to Recycling
Given the challenges climate change is creating, it will take companies like EcoMark Solar to lead the charge in carbon neutrality for a sustainable future.


EcoMark Solar is a Colorado-based solar panel installer, roofer and now battery supplier for the Colorado home-owner market. Their website is – and their phone is 720.432.6411.