Local Colorado Springs Solar installer expands to larger offices

March 12, 2018 | Press Releases
Colorado Springs Solar offices for EcoMark Solar

Colorado Springs Solar offices for EcoMark Solar

EcoMark Solar, a local Colorado Springs solar installer, has just announced the opening of their new office and warehouse space located just north of Peterson Air Force Base and the Colorado Springs Airport. “We’ve been working in Colorado Springs for several years now, but this recent increase in demand is unprecedented. To keep up with demand, we needed a bigger space,” states Jake DiRe VP of Sales and Marketing at EcoMark Solar. “We saw a dramatic increase in sales in 2017 literally doubling over 2016. And if the start of 2018 is any indication of what is to come, we’re going to double our 2017 installations again. It’s clear that Colorado Springs wants to run on sunshine.”

Not only is Colorado Springs the fastest growing city in the state, it’s one of the strongest regions for job growth and home ownership. The growth combined with the fact that utilities in the area have increased their rates far in excess of the national average has skyrocketed residents’ desire to become energy independent through purchasing residential solar panels.

“Solar is actually a win for the utility too,” DiRe explains. “Solar homes are creating more capacity by over-producing and putting energy back onto the grid during those bright sunny days we have here in Colorado. This reduces the demand from the utility’s infrastructure during peak demand times. The biggest utility of the area, Colorado Springs Utility, is actually giving homeowners a healthy rebate for switching to solar! Everybody wins, the homeowner, the community, the environment, and the utility.”

DiRe continues, “All the utilities around Colorado Springs need to expand to accommodate the influx of residents. When we point out to homeowners that they can either invest in their own power plant by buying solar panels, or suffer the perpetual rate increases to invest in the utility’s infrastructure, the decision to go solar makes even more sense.”

When asked if the recent tariff and tax changes have dampened the desire for solar, DiRe responds, “Not in the least. You’d think it would have a negative impact, but what it has done is actually increase demand to get solar before something else impacts the price of panels.”

EcoMark Solar began operations in Colorado Springs in early 2015. EcoMark Solar’s new Colorado Springs offices will come online in April of 2018. The location will house sales and marketing, as well as construction and operations to serve the solar community. For more information on job opportunities and solar solutions, visit their website at https://ecomarksolar.com.