Choosing Solar Also Means Choosing to Help Those in Need

February 8, 2019

Commitment to Community Drives the Employees at EcoMark Solar

EcoMark Solar’s donation to Metro Caring
This year we donated over 3000 cans of food.

Every year, the employees at EcoMark Solar take on the cause of ending hunger in our state by creating their annual ‘Kilowatt Can Drive.’

The company pledges to donate one can of food for every kilowatt of rooftop solar panels sold or installed in the months of October and November. They also collect food donations at their regional offices along the Front Range. Employee performance takes on an additional meaning when it is tied to a good cause like this.

“We meet with thousands of families every year in all areas of the state, in all walks of life and in all sorts of financial situations,” Jake DiRe, CEO of EcoMark Solar explains. “Hunger in this community is still a real problem and we, as a company have taken on the task of helping to lessen its impact. We never forget that the people we visit with everyday are our neighbors first and foremost.”

“A customer consultation normally consists of meeting the decision makers of the household in their homes and evaluating their electrical needs. In so doing,” DiRe explains, “our customers show us what they spend their time and energy on – literally. From time to time, a community cause or need comes to our attention and it becomes a rallying call that our employees put effort into. The most consistent and basic need we see is hunger, so we do the Kilowatt Can Drive every year, but as a company, we also contribute time and money to many causes.”

EcoMark Solar’s commitment to community begins with remembering why they sell solar in the first place – to help their neighbors own (instead of rent) the equipment that brings electricity into their homes. Owning their power saves every homeowner a substantial amount of money and it helps the environment around us. “Let’s not forget, we all live here too. We raise our children here and every ton of carbon emissions pollution our solar prevents, helps every single one of us breathe easier. Every kilowatt we sell or install helps one of our neighbors stave off hunger as well. Helping our neighbors in these ways also helps us all breathe easier too.”

EcoMark Solar is an award-winning solar panel installer that sells ‘High-Altitude Solar Systems’ all along the Front Range of Colorado. To find out more about them, ‘High-Altitude Solar’ and causes we support, visit our website at or call 720.432.6411.