Kilowatt Contest

Amazingly Easy Ways to Reduce Your Electrical Usage and Your Utility Bill

  • Unplug devices such as: computers printers, and phone chargers when not in use or plug them into a power strip that can be turned off with a switch. Small appliances are easy to leave plugged in but if there is any simple light or indicator on them, they ARE using power! This stand-by power is called VAMPIRE ENERGY and it is draining away energy from your house just like a leaky faucet drains water away. Many studies conclude that 20% of a person’s electricity bill can be attributed to VAMPIRE ENERGY. Slay the vampires and save money!
  • Use LED bulbs – change out all your light bulbs to LED bulbs. They use 1/10 of the energy that filament bulbs do and 1/2 of what compact fluorescent bulbs do. Remember to check your decorative fixtures and your applicance bulbs.
  • Use motion-detecting, battery-powered light fixtures in small spaces. For places like closets, pantries and smaller rooms, the small battery-powered, motion-detecting lights are a much better choice than an electrical solution.
  • Install dimmer switches to lights that get left on a lot. Dimmer lights use less electricity.
  • Install timer outlets to appliances that get left on a lot. Let the timer work to remember to turn it off if you can’t.
  • Get a smart thermostat – like a NEST – it will reduce your heating / A/C bill if they are controlled by the thermostat.
  • When cooking on an electrical stove, choose the smaller burner if possible. A large burner can take up to 3 times the amount of energy a small burner does. If it can do the job, choose the smaller burner!

If it comes out of the socket, it comes out of your pocket!

Congratulations to the winner of this year's contest:

A student from Mrs. Ramos' 2nd grade class at Red Rocks Elementary School (No class won because we did not receive 5 entries from any one class.)

Thank you to all who participated in the contest!