Solar Panels in Denver Are Popping Up Everywhere

February 26, 2016
Denver home solar system installation

Are you interested in checking out solar panels in the Denver area?

As the solar boom continues to grow, you may be wondering whether your Denver home is a good fit for rooftop solar panels. Fortunately, the answer is almost certainly yes!

Solar Panels Questions to Ask

For residents of any state, these are the top questions to ask to determine whether solar panels will work on your home. Here are the answers for Denver residents:

Is Colorado Solar-Friendly?

Being “solar-friendly” means a state has instituted measures to encourage the use of solar panels. As it turns out, Colorado is one of the most solar-friendly states in the country, and its very generous energy-buyback policy is a big reason why. The Colorado Public Utility Commission allows homeowners to sell excess solar energy back to the grid for the same price the utility sells its own power, which is a fantastic deal in comparison to many other states.

Is Your Roof Large Enough for Solar Panels?

For most households a solar installation needs to produce around 6.5 kW to meet their power needs (equating to about 25 solar panels). Our solar panels are 5.5′ by 3.25′, so installing 25 of these panels would require 137.5′ by 81.25′ of roof space.

Does Your Roof Have the Correct Orientation?

In northern areas, the angle of the sun is low enough that panels need to face south to operate effectively. Fortunately, Denver is far enough south that in most cases, you won’t need to worry about this. As long as you have enough shade-free roof space pointing in any direction, you’ll usually have no difficulty generating solar energy, although you’ll likely have less power to sell back to the utility.

Does Your Roof Receive Enough Sunlight?

Solar panels are most effective when the sunlight can shine directly on the full panel. Accordingly, the most important factor is how much shade-free space your rooftop has. In other areas of the country, the difference between winter sun and summer sun is also a concern – but Denver’s high levels of sunlight make it a perfect match for solar power, even in the winter.

Exploring Solar Panels in Denver

Now that you know what a great fit solar panels are for Denver residents, come explore more commonly asked solar energy questions. While you’re at it, download our free first-time buyer’s guide to solar energy!


EcoMark First Time Solar Panel Buyer's Guide


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