How Many Solar Panels Do You Need?

November 23, 2015
Colorado Home Solar System Installation

Have you ever wondered how many solar panels it would take to power your home?

When your energy bills arrive, do you hesitate before opening that envelope? Do you wonder how much money you could save if all or part of your energy was provided by solar panels? If you’ve been thinking about it, here are a few questions and answers for you.

How Much Energy Are You Using Now?

Start with a realistic look at your electricity usage for the past year. This chart can help estimate how much energy your appliances, TVs, computers and other gadgets use.

An effective Colorado home solar system can provide enough power for most of that electricity. Even if you decide to go with a smaller system, it’s still going to generate enough energy for you to see substantial savings.

How Much Energy Can You Get From Solar Panels?

Depends. There are a lot of variables, the first of which is where you live. If your home is in the desert, you’re going to get lots of sun for most of the year. If you live in New England, you’ll get less sun, especially in winter. However, don’t believe the myth that solar panels don’t work in rainy or snowy weather. Germany is in the forefront of home solar, and the climate there isn’t exactly tropical.

Second, the output of solar power is measured in watts per panel. That means that the number of panels you have, and their total wattage, determines how much energy you’re getting from your home solar system.

Third and fourth, the size and angle of your roof make a difference. The best angle for catching the sun is the best for generating power, which is why many residential solar panels can be tilted according to the sun and the season. Roof size determines panel size and how many of them you can fit up there.

So… How Many Solar Panels Do I Need?

As we’ve seen, there’s not really a pre-set answer. Every home is unique, and differs in roof angle, roof size, geographic region and other factors. What really matters is how solar panel installation can reduce your carbon footprint, as well as your energy costs. And to answer that, you need an experienced professional to assess your house and your energy needs.

Want to Learn More?

We believe in home solar systems as a solution to the world’s energy problems, especially for our neighbors in Colorado. That passion has made us the third largest company in the Front Range. We source, design, sell and install our own systems, which means that we’ll be with you every step of the way. Check out our Solar Calculator TODAY! Contact EcoMark Solar for a free solar panel installation consultation on adding solar energy to your home.

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