EcoMark Solar is the biggest residential solar provider for the Colorado Springs area

April 16, 2018

Colorado Springs and its surrounding cities are great places to go solar! Colorado brags about 300+ days of sunshine, making solar a very easy and logical choice for her homeowners. Solar in Colorado brings unique challenges – from the extreme temperature differences from winter to summer, to its wildlife, to the altitude. But we here at EcoMark Solar have the most experience designing, installing and maintaining residential solar systems in Colorado.




New Offices in Colorado Springs

Our Colorado Springs office/warehouse:

7363 McClain Pt
Suite #110
Colorado Springs, CO 80915






Cities Where We Install Solar Panel Systems in Southern Colorado

Colorado Springs
Black Forest
Security / Widefield
Peyton / Falcon
Manitou Springs
Woodland Park

and areas with 75 miles of
Colorado Springs.


The following Colorado Springs area utilities allow solar energy on their systems and “net meter” the solar power produced:



  • Colorado Springs Utilities
  • Mountain View Electrical Association (MVEA)
  • Black Hills Energy
  • San Isabel
  • Fountain Electric





EcoMark Solar wants every Colorado resident that wants solar to get solar, so we work with all of them.

All utilities working in Southern Colorado participate in Net Metering. Most offer monthly rollovers at wholesale energy prices, however the net meter credit policies of your particular utility are specific to them. Call for a consultation to find out what that means Net Metering means for you!



The Future of Utility Prices in Southern Colorado

The greater Colorado Springs area is experiencing unprecedented growth and its utilities are experiencing more demand than ever. The utilities will be building on more capacity in the years to come. Those infrastructure costs will be passed on to the consumer in the form of increased rates. The standard inflation rate for electric power nationwide is 4% per year. Colorado Springs Utilities has raised their rates almost twice the national average in the last 12 months.*

*August 2017 raised 5.9%, January 2018 raised 1.9% for a total of 7.8% in the past 12 months.



Solar Power is Inflation-Proof Power


Regardless the power rates being charged from the utility, when you own your own power through a residential solar system, you lock in your power rates for decades to come.


Ultimately, you get to decide – Who are you going to invest in: yourself or the utility?


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