What are the 3 Main Benefits of Energy Independence?

March 25, 2016 | By obsolete user
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If you’re like most Americans, you see your energy bills rising on a regular basis. On average, Colorado residents pay $244 per month for energy. Your energy usage also has environmental and political implications, which are not easily avoided through on-the-grid energy sources. By living off the grid, you gain several benefits.

1. Financial Advantages of Living Off the Grid

You shouldn’t have to feel anxious when opening your mail, but that’s the reality for many people when their energy bills go through the roof. Solar panels take you off the grid and give you enough energy that you don’t have to go through the bill anxiety. Instead, you produce enough electricity that your mailbox remains blissfully empty. You can also take advantage of federal and Colorado solar incentives, such as a 30 percent federal tax credit for solar investments and solar rebates from Colorado utility companies.

2. Environmental Advantages of Living Off the Grid

The environment is significantly impacted by current energy usage rates, with fossil fuels and other pollutants causing long-lasting problems. When you go off the grid, you help reduce water pollution in your area. Coal-fired power plants contribute 72 percent of water pollution, so you make a major difference when you switch to solar. Other environmental advantages include reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and hazardous waste.

3. Political Advantages of Living Off the Grid

Many people focus on the financial and environmental benefits of living off the grid, but you also gain independence from political forces. You aren’t reliant on going through a highly regulated industry for your energy when you’re off the grid, so you avoid significant amounts of legislation and annoyance from politicians. You have enough to worry about in your day-to-day life, so the last thing you need is an out-of-touch politician making sweeping changes to your energy costs.

Going off the grid helps you reduce the stress in your life and on the environment. Colorado is the perfect area to take advantage of solar panels, and you can completely eliminate your energy costs with the right configuration. Contact us for a free Denver solar panel installation quote so you can start your peaceful life living off the grid.

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