Benefits of Buying Colorado Solar

March 5, 2018

With the rise in popularity of residential solar panels here on the Front Range of Colorado, there has been a mass influx of out-of-state companies scrambling to set up shop. While all solar panels will convert our 300+ days of sunshine into power, investing your solar dollars in a Colorado-based solar company has far-reaching benefits.

According to Civil Economics, there is nearly a 4 times greater impact (13.6% to 48%) in the re-circulation of money spent locally versus investing in out-of-state companies. That means spending money with a company based out-of-state takes money out of Colorado and your community.

“We are past the stage of the ‘early adopters’ of solar, and are in full market-penetration. So the demand is high, and that attracts in a lot of companies from other states trying to make a quick buck,” Jake DiRe, one of the original founders of EcoMark Solar, a Colorado-based company, locally owned, with offices in Denver, Colorado Springs, and Fort Collins.

A solar purchase has a long-term impact on your home. The panels are warrantied for 25 years and are projected to last much longer. History has continually proven that once an out-of-state company has taken what it wants, they move on, making future warranty and service needs a huge hassle for customers. “EcoMark Solar receives phone calls every week from people who bought solar from a company based out-of-state and they just can’t get the service and help they need in a timely manner.” says DiRe. “Colorado Solar is a different type of solar and it takes a Colorado company to understand that. We have different variables to contend with including our altitude, our wildlife, extreme temperatures, and massive hail storms.”

EcoMark Solar added roofing services to the company portfolio in order to help customers get their solar panels back online faster in the event of a major hail storm. “We live here in Colorado too and we know what Colorado is capable of dishing out. We don’t believe any out-of-state solar company would or could take customer service to that level – and the calls we receive after every hail storm prove it.”

Who you buy your solar panels from makes a difference. From the impact on the local economy, to the impact on your home and future service needs. “Our goal at EcoMark Solar is to be both an installer of choice, and an employer of choice. We believe in giving back to our employees, our customers, and our communities” says DiRe. Finally, DiRe warns, “Don’t be fooled by a claim of ‘local offices,’ that can mean anything. Find out where that company was founded and look into the reputation of those who founded it. Read their reviews and do your due diligence. That will help protect you in your solar purchase decision.”

EcoMark Solar is an award-winning, Colorado-based solar panel installer that has served the front range since 2010. EcoMark Solar’s mission is to help Coloradans achieve energy independence, financial independence and a more sustainable lifestyle through solar power. To find out more, visit or call 720.432.6411.